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Fertility and Reproductive Health Doula

All packages and pricing are custom made based on your individual needs

Family Planning

- in-depth health assessment
- fertility awareness education
- nutrition and supplement guides
- ongoing virtual support
- 1 on 1 services


Birth Control

- in-depth health assessment
- birth control options
- fertility awareness education (optional)
- nutrition for the menstrual cycle
- supplementation guide

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Menstrual Disharmony

- PMS/PMDD support
- PCOS support
- Endometriosis support
- nutrition and supplementation
- cycle tracking support (optional)
- 1 on 1 support


First Period Prep

- intro to menstrual and ovulatory cycles
- intro to cycle tracking
- period products guide
- birth control guide (optional)
- 1 on 1 sessions (parents welcome)
- group sessions available
- ideal for those under 16 years of age

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